A BUSINESSMAN from Tenbury who works with young people is concerned that not enough thought is being given to the damage to health being caused by the stress of isolation that he believes is weakening the immune system.

More people from the town have been able to get tested for coronavirus although this has involved a journey to the Sixways Rugby stadium in Worcester, home of the Worcester Warriors.

The town would normally be gearing up for an influx of holiday visitors but the relaxation of rules by the Government has not cleared the way for people to start taking holidays again.

Among the businesses that has had to close until things change is the glamping site run by Paddy Brennan at Bleathwood who has also shut his boxing club on the site.

But he believes that more thought needs to be given to the impact upon health of the damage that is being done to the economy as well as how social distancing is affecting people.

“Lockdown is causing the loss of millions of jobs and destruction of thousands of businesses that people have laboured at for years to build up.” said Mr Brennan.

“This causes huge stress and fear”

He is also concerned that despite the lockdown measures there appears to have been an increase in the number of deaths.

“How many people have died because their serious underlying health conditions were not diagnosed, operated on nor treated because normal medical services have been suspended on the grounds that the Covid-19 requires dedicating all hospital resources to it?” added Mr Brennan.

“This has contributed significantly to the increase in numbers and they will nevertheless be counted as having died of Covid-19 - many surviving relatives have been very upset about this as they know Covid-19 was not the cause of death.

“How many people with underlying conditions have died because they were afraid to go to the hospital for fear of catching Covid-19?”

Mr Brennan, whose wife suffered a serious stroke some years ago, fears that some of the social distancing may be counterproductive.

“Covid-19 is dangerous to those with a compromised or weak immune system,” he added.

“Stress, fear and panic is being created by the media and the government all weaken the immune system.”

“Love and support strengthen the immune system, social distancing and the denial of love and human contact weakens it.”