ON-SONG Kieran Sutton has been crowned Broadway's men's club champion after winning over 36 holes.

The competition was tight after the first round but Sutton came out on top in the gross competition with a total score of 135.

He carded 10 birdies, 25 pars and one bogey to earn the Championship Salver.

Jamie Andrew was runner-up with 143.

The nett leader was Matt Sollis with 137 to claim the Peter Ward Putter.

The weather was not as kind for the ladies' championship with the first 18 holes being played after heavy rain.

Further bad weather was to follow and the scores after the first round had to make up the final tally.

Vicky Watkins scored 82 gross to earn the trophy in front of Lin Andrew with 90.

Veronica Rudd managed 77 to win the Julia Ward Vase nett prize.