THE Worcestershire schools senior and junior individual table tennis competitions were held at St Egwin’s Middle School, Evesham.

The winners went through to the national championships at Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton, on Saturday, April 25.

Beth Pye, of Prince Henry’s High School, Evesham, was player of the senior tournament.

The player of the junior tournament was Jack Whittington, of St Nicholas Middle School, Pershore, who beat Alfie Saunders, of Blackminster Middle School, Evesham, from the older age group 3-0.


U19 boys final: Darren Hui (Bromsgrove School) beat Ali Witheford (Prince Henry’s) 3-2; third place: Jonathan Lyons (Prince Henry’s) beat Adriano Barralio (Abbey College, Malvern) 3-0; consolation medal: Damir Gritsinenko (Abbey College).

U19 girls: 1 Jenna Wong (Bromsgrove) 6/7, 2 Sanniva Chang (Bromsgrove) 4/7, 3 Rosika Gurung (Bromsgrove) 4/7.

U16 boys final: Harvey Gough (Prince Henry’s) beat Howard Wong (Bromsgrove) 3-2; third place: Danny Norman (Prince Henry’s) beat Johnny Blakely (The De Montfort School, Evesham) 3-2; consolation medal: Alladin Caliskan (Abbey College).

U16 girls: 1 Beth Pye (Prince Henry’s) 7/7 victories, 2 Sophie Arrandale (Prince Henry’s) 6, 3 Emily Grove (Prince Henry’s) 5.

U13 boys final: Alfie Saunders (Blackminster) beat Leo Rudge (St Nicholas) 3-2; third place: Ben Resgnit (Stourport High) beat Tom Oadley (Stourport) 3-1.

U13 girls: 1 Anna Blakely (Blackminster), 2 Ciara Webb (St Egwin’s), 3 Matilda Neale (Blackminster).

U11 boys final: Jack Whittington (St Nicholas) beat Ben Fisher (Blackminster) 3-0; third place: Elliott Rosewell (St Egwin’s) beat Fraser Cattanach (Blackminster) 3-2.

U11 girls: 1 Katie Fisher (Blackminster).

U11 & U13 boys combined consolation: Tom Allen (Droitwich Spa High) beat Klayton Rushton (Stourport) 3-0; sporting behaviour trophy: Rushton.