PERSHORE Swimming Club were crowned overall winners at the John Neale Trophy Gala at Redditch.


Nine years, girls: Francesca Compton 2nd 1L breaststroke and butterfly, Poppy Rhymes and Megan Teale top 4, Pippa Nolan freestyle and medley relays.

Boys: Harry Porter 1st and 2nd 1L breaststroke and 1L butterfly, Liam Boulton speeding tickets 1L freestyle and 1L backstroke, Lex Meridith and Harry Bull relays.

10/u, girls: Amelia Roleston-Donovan 1st 2L backstroke and 2nd 1L butterfly, Fiona Taylor 1st 2L breaststroke, Emily Gleaves 1st 2L freestyle, Compton and Teale relays.

Boys: George Collett 1st 2L freestyle, Kyle Bass 1st 2L backstroke, Archie Day 1st 1L butterfly, 2nd 2L breaststroke, Boulton and Bull relays.

11/u, girls: Anya Wood 1st 2L backstroke and 3rd breaststroke, Sophia Lawson 2nd 2L butterfly, Ava Fletcher 4th 2L freestyle, Aleksandra Kelly relays 1st and 2nd.

Boys: Will O’Sullivan 1st 2L butterfly, 3rd 2L freestyle, Matthew Drayton 2nd 2L breaststroke, Tom Porter 2nd 2L backstroke, Toby Marchant and Josh Young relays.

12/u, girls: Lottie Styler 1st and 2nd 2L backstroke and 2L freestyle, Mia Underwood 3rd 2L butterfly and speeding ticket 2L breaststroke, Millie Thomas and Emma Taylor relays 1st in both.

Boys: Tom Porter 2nd 2L backstroke, Will O’Sullivan 3rd 2L butterfly, John Etherington 3rd 2L breaststroke, Toby Marchant 1st 2L freestyle, Josh Heeks and Esteban Chatron-Michaud relays 1st in both.