Edd Cantle (@EddCantle).

A woeful performance. I saw Worcester of old tonight and that is depressing. No real game plan, no wide ball, too much kicking, we were disjointed and gave away too many penalties. Things need mixing up quickly. We cannot afford to lose against Irish.

Anthony Butterworth (@rugby_dad_146).

The lack of imagination in attack was shocking. How many times did we make one pass and go into contact. It didn’t work in the first 40mins, why did we think it was going to work in the second... A lot of work to do to be ready for 28th!!!

Gaz Bucks (@HEST2815RE).

Ten other Premiership sides would have had a poor Glos beaten within first 60mins of terrible rugby yet we were predictably unimaginative and were penalised for the same errors over and over. We wrapped up at the end which is why the scoreline is what it is. REALITY CHECK.

Jon Davies (@JonDaviesTewks).

Never put Glos under pressure. Sin bin killed us of any chance of a LBP. Best team won. Onwards we go. Need a bit of freshening up but haven't become a bad team overnight.

Geoff Shaw (@gshawisme).

A big missed opportunity. If only we’d shown more attacking intent and invention to back up the solid defence - Nanai must be bored of his mind the lack of ball that he gets.

JT (@nineandjohn).

3-0 up after 35 minutes. From there, we were done over. Penalties again being our problem. Yellow card didn't help. But sorry, we were second class tonight. Bring on Irish and pick up.

People’s Front of Worcestershire (@PFoWorcs).

The worst they’ve played all season? Never looked like scoring.

Ian (@ianrugbyfan).

Ground out the first half and showed some promise. Very poor second half, yellow didn’t help and the game went further away from us when we used the bench.

J. Temperance, Esq. (@yarblesM5).

Pathetic, basically. Zero attacking threat all game, and no answer once Glaws scored their first legal try. Just as well those other two were chalked off!

AJ Bailey ™ (@ajbails).

Don’t know what’s happened to our half backs but they were awful. Created absolutely nothing. One phase and straight into contact. Even Millsy doesn’t seem to pass now. Replacements were awful. What worries me is that we looked like the Worcester of old that used to get battered.

North Stand Matt (@matt_stand).

£47 to sit in the corner of a ground plus travel. Defended well in the first half but gave up in the last 20. Barely entered their 22. GJ, FH and Pennell looked off the pace. Need to improve before Irish.

Christopher Daplyn (@ChrisDaplyn).

That was very poor. No attacking presence at all. Just shocking. The away day blues well and truly continue. How does Solly sort that out?!?!

Laurie Checkley #COYW (@Laurie30250352).

Diabolical, need to give players like Fidow, van Breda, Heaney, Lance, HOWE and Miller a run out. Mills should have taken control.

#RugbyWorcs (@RugbyWorcs).

The difference between what I saw on Monday night compared to this evening was stark!! Whoever is coaching attack for the Cavs needs to take some sessions this week because our attack atm is impotent!!! Learn some lessons and get stuck into Irish because that’s not good enough!

Simon Ball (@bally07).

Non-existent attack. Team needs a refresh. Generally poor in all areas.