THIS Vale moggy may resemble Batman villain Harvey ‘two-face’ Dent but despite her rare facial markings, the friendly cat is quite the opposite to the on-screen baddie.

Millie the tortoiseshell cat has a straight line down her face with one side ginger and the other black.

The colours then switch on her body and the opposite sides are different colours to her face.

Her owner said she was surprised to discover the markings may be quite rare after spotting an article in a national newspaper about a similar cat in Serbia.

Kate Foster, aged 26, of Lavender Fields, Evesham, said: “I thought it was quite common and am surprised they had to go all that way to find one. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about.

“I thought ‘my Millie is better than that’.

Everybody says what an unusual face she has and how pretty she is.

“We got her on December 31, 1999, so her name is short for millennium.”

Caroline Hughes, a vet with Jarvis and Parsons Veterinary Services, said: “She has quite unusual face markings. I have not seen cats with similar markings.

“She is quite pretty with it.

“It is a random mutation of the genes so it doesn’t happen that often but it is not impossible.”