A CAMPAIGN to build an ‘important’ new road to the north of Pershore may get a boost of more than £1.6 million if a bid for funding is successful.

Wychavon District Council has put in the request for the grant, which will go towards building the long-awaited Northern Link Road to ease congestion at Pinvin crossroads, to the Worcestershire Local Transport Body.

If the bid is successful they will also be backed by Pershore Town Council, which has voted in support of earmarking £20,000 of its New Homes Bonus money for the scheme.

Overall the new road and bridge over the railway line is expected to cost in the region of £3.4 to £4 million and, in addition to its £1.6 million bid, Wychavon is seeking support from the Worcestershire Local Transport Body and other sources including developments proposed in the emerging South Worcestershire Development Plan.

Councillor Tom McDonald, board member for economy, regeneration and flooding, said: “We have made an outline application for funding towards the Pershore Northern Link project, which we and other local bodies see as important to improving existing congestion problems at the Pinvin crossroads and supporting local growth opportunities for residents in the town and surrounding villages.

“We should know before the end of the summer whether the project has been shortlisted and if we will be invited to submit a full application.”

At a meeting of the town council Pershore mayor Coun Charles Tucker said the £20,000 it would make available would go some way towards a traffic study, but it would only take place if the bid for the £1.6 million was successful.

He added: “If we do put money towards it, it will be a very clear indication of the commitment by the town council to the Northern Link Road and it will be clear to the people looking at the Wychavon bid that there is strong support locally.”