THE focus has fallen on a prominent amateur photographer who has been behind the lens at a camera club for more than 40 years.

Clive Haynes, who lives in Battenhall, Worcester, has been made an honorary life member of the Worcestershire Camera Club. 

The honour means Mr Haynes joins a very elite group – the club, which trace sits roots back to 1896, has only three life members. It is an accolade given for “exceptional services”.

The veteran snapper said: “I am surprised and very pleased to be honoured by my fellow photographers.

“The life membership award came completely out of the blue and is certainly something I hadn’t expected.

“The club provides an excellent source of inspiration and learning for anyone interested in photography.

“Over the many years of my membership, the club has enabled me to share the joy of photography with others.

“It’s been my pleasure to help people understand and improve their photography and to be part of this wonderful photographic community.”

And chairman of the group, Tony Gervis, said Mr Haynes’ dedication to his photography made him stand out among contributors.

“Clive is a long-standing member, having joined the club in the 1960s, although he can’t claim a full half-century yet as he did have some time off for good behaviour,” he said.

“He has served the club for many years in various roles, including that of chairman twice, in 1974 and 1984.

“He is a photographer of national standing, and regularly lectures, writes and exhibits.

"As a Yorkshireman, I would also note that people pay good money for the pearls of wisdom that we get from him on club nights and at the digital group.”

“We know that there are very many members without whose hard work and sterling service we would not have the great club that we do, and we are always very grateful to them, but sometimes there are those whose contribution is genuinely extraordinary in some way.”