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    Ted Elgar wrote:
    @tub_thumper. You can buy hard drugs and knives Online, it doesn't mean they are legal to use.

    These things really are dangerous.
    To compare them to fireworks is nonsense. Fireworks are desgined to go off, then fall to earth spent. Mostly this isnt done on farmland used for grazing.

    Lanterns travel for large distances, on fire, and fall to earth, on fire. Really dangerous, bad for the environment (see setting fire to SSSI / SAC / Ramsar sites). Stupid idea.
    @Ted Elgar

    The lanterns only fall to earth when the flame has gone out. It's simple science really. The only time that lanterns go out of control is when they have been launched in windy conditions or when the paper has caught alight as the lanterns are launched. If so, they won't travel very far at all - actually they will hardly leave the ground. The people that are around would be able to see the error that they have caused and will hopefully sort the problem out.

    And as for buying them online - that's my point. If they are made illegal then that won't stop the problem - like the drugs and knives you've used as an example.

    And the comparison to fireworks is not nonsense. A firework is an explosive device which uncontrollably travels through the air at 150mph and can travel up to 200 meters. There are many dangers than can go wrong: i.e. fireworks tipping over before being launched, shots going off at ground level, cross ignition, fuse failure and firework fall out over an audience. Apart from fire danger, horrible injuries occur too. Even sparklers - three sparklers light together is as hot as a blowtorch. Lanterns have a small flame and gently lift off the ground via hot air.

    Like I said before - apart from this blaze at Croft Farm and the huge one at the recycling plant in Smethwick back in the summer - the dangers are no where in the region of those caused by fireworks.


    I hardly call a lantern a "fire bomb" as they don't explode. And what "spark" are you referring to? A spark is cause by an ignition source. There is no electric or gas present in the lanterns to produce such a thing. Can you provide statistics on the comparison of the "thousands" of fires caused by a lantern "spark" compared to the fires caused by fireworks?

    ALSO: May I add that I don't condone any misuse of either fireworks or Chinese lanterns. Clearly, devastating fires have been caused by both. It's usually down to human error. Lanterns have only been popular in this country since around 2008. It's like people are still in fear if the unknown. Fireworks have been in use much longer and thus have created more damage. I'm not "sticking up" for Chinese Lanterns. I just wish people would use them correctly and that people should be aware of all the facts (and even witness a launch) before actually slagging them off. That all..."
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Fire chief calls for urgent Chinese lantern review after "devastating" fire at Croft Farm Leisure Park

Evesham Journal: Fire chief call for urgent Chinese lantern review after "devastating" fire Fire chief call for urgent Chinese lantern review after "devastating" fire

A FIRE chief is calling for an urgent review of Chinese lanterns after a “devastating" fire destroyed more than 80 caravans at a festival site.

The blaze happened at Croft Farm Leisure Park, Bredons Hardwick, near Bredon, where the popular Lakefest Festival is held annually, on Sunday, November 24 Following a thorough fire investigation including interviews with eye witnesses and viewing CCTV footage, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service believes it was caused by a Chinese lantern and Chief Fire Officer Mark Yates is calling for change.

He said: “There is no doubt that this was a devastating fire which has affected a popular local business and a significant number of private caravans and mobile homes which were stored on site.”

“Our fire investigation has now concluded and we believe that a Sky Lantern caused the fire. Whilst there is no doubt the lanterns are popular and are often used at events, the potential damage they can cause is significant.

“Not only do they pose a risk to livestock and agriculture but also to property, as was the case in this incident in Bredons Hardwick.”

He added: “It is quite bizarre that it can be considered acceptable to allow a lit object to float across towns and countryside without any knowledge of if or where it may land and subsequently cause a fire.

“As a Chief Fire Officer I do not consider that it is acceptable to allow burning objects to be set free across our counties without any consideration of the damage they may do to property or livestock and I would ask event organisers not to use sky lanterns for any purpose.

“I believe now is the time to review the use of sky lanterns and recognise that they can pose a significant risk to property as this fire in Worcestershire demonstrates.

“Only a few months ago fire engines from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service assisted at large fire in a plastic recycling site in Smethwick which was also caused by a sky lantern.”

Although firefighters stopped the fire from spreading to a 2,000 litre LPG storage vessel, the damage caused to the site and the towing caravans and mobile homes in storage was severe.

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