A UNIQUE getaway is being offered to anyone in Worcestershire planning to cause trouble during Christmas and the New Year.

The Lock’em Inn boasts a convenient location with lots of bars and within easy reach of pubs and clubs as well as criminal courts and never turns away anyone who has broken the law.

Facilities include CCTV in all rooms, sturdy locks for security, a free shuttle bus right to the door and confiscation of all personal belongings.

As a special offer this festive season, the unique hotel chain is offering a weekend deal allowing people to stay locked up safe until the criminal courts re open after the holidays.

The Lock’em Inn campaign has been launched by West Mercia and Warwickshire Police forces in a bid to stamp out crime and anti-social behaviour during the party season.

Thousands of leaflets have been distributed among pubs, clubs and other venues across the regions as part of the campaign, which is being coordinated by Chief Inspector Helena Bennett, who said she hoped the leaflet would make people think twice about their behaviour while out drinking during the festive period.

“Although the Lock’em Inn leaflets use humour to get our message across, we want everyone to know that violence, disorder and drunken anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated,” she said.

“We want to remind the people of Warwickshire and West Mercia that we are here to make sure they can enjoy the festive season and stay safe. Our custody blocks are one of the least desirable places to stay in the area over Christmas and we want to remind partygoers that they do not want to pay us a visit.

“We are not here to spoil people’s fun or to act as killjoys but we do want people to have a safe and enjoyable night out this Christmas without getting into any trouble.

“Our message to anyone tempted to cause trouble is ‘behave or get nicked’. If people ruin someone else’s Christmas by their drunken or violent behaviour, then their Christmas is likely to be ruined because they’ll be arrested, locked up and face probable prosecution”.