A GENEROUS Vale businessman met with top surgeons from a Birmingham hospital to present them with a cheque for £2,000.

The cash was raised during recent fundraising held on an airfield owned by George Simpson, of Marshall’s of Evesham Transport.

Mr Simpson met with surgeon Sat Palmer and head prosthetist Peter Jeynes, from the maxillofacial unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The funds were raised during events organised Japanese Performance Owners Club car club.

Mr Simpson said: “Over the past years we have donated the use of the airfield for free to the Jocco Car Club and we chose an organisation to raise money for. In the past we have donated to Macmillan, the Air Ambulance and a young lady who was paralysed from the neck down.

“The cars donate so much per car and I top up the difference. I wanted to donate to the maxillofacial unit because they help people who have suffered facial injuries due to cancer, burns possibly from car accidents and particularly those in the armed forces.

“I have had a conducted tour of the unit and seen at first hand the amazing work performed by the team.”