THE lure of a cash prize may tempt some brave souls to take part in the latest horrifying offering from the makers of the interactive scare experience Evil Rising.

Scott Jenkins, from More is More, has promised that Evil Rising: Purgatory will "separate the men from the boys" as teams of eight attempt to complete the tasks during the real life chase game to win £1,313.

Teams will be told the spine-chilling tale of a Gloucestershire pikeman who, on December 3, 1651, discovered a chest of gold in a home in Worcester and was sent to purgatory after ignoring a warning from an old hag that the gold was cursed.

To claim the gold for themselves, the groups must outwit a legion of demons and hold their nerve as they make their way through purgatory to collect six numbers in the correct sequence at a secret Worcestershire location.

Mr Jenkins said: "We are trying to break boundaries with this event and trying to do something completely new, we believe it's the first event of it's kind in the world and we're offering a cash prize of £1,313 to anyone who survives it.

"There will be a number of tasks to complete, very much like The Crystal Maze, and teams will have to collect items along the way to win.

"It will be very much about working as a team and getting each other through to the big final task which will definitely sort the men from the boys.

"I think there will be a lot of people who think about 'flim-flaming' our safe word for when people want to give up, but we hope that with the prize money and working together as a team, everyone will get each other through it.

"Everyone always says the events are scary but fun and it is always nice to have emails from customers saying they found aspects of it scary but had the best night ever."

Former rugby player Craig Gillies will step into the shoes of a demon called Ballam, the keeper of purgatory, and will be joined by a cast and crew of up to 80.

Evil Rising has won industry awards for its previous scare events.

Over 1,000 people took part in the most recent scare experience over Halloween with 100 people unable to make it to the end.

Mr Jenkins continued: "The reason we offered the cash prize is because we wanted to encourage people to get through it.

"Usually, people run through the events but this time we wanted them to have to stay around and complete tasks and have the chance to see it all."

Evil Rising: Purgatory will run between Friday, March 14 and Sunday, March 16 as well as Friday, March 21 to Sunday, March 23 as well as a special VIP Extreme event for teams of two on Saturday, March 15.

Tickets, available from, cost £25 for a single ticket, £22.50 per person for four tickets or £20.50 per person for eight tickets.

The location will be revealed to ticket holders seven days before the event.