AS people across Evesham give-up on their New Year diets, new research out reveals grandparents in the area may be the best people to go to for healthy eating advice.

The research conducted by home meal delivery service, Wiltshire Farm Foods, has revealed 83 per cent of over 60s in the West Midlands say it’s very important to know the nutritional value of their food. This goes against the preconception that older generations are not as conscious or clued-up about nutrition and diet as their younger counterparts.

Graham Davis, managing director of the franchise which delivers to residents in Evesham, said: "This research demonstrates that people of all ages are becoming more knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. Of course, eating well is increasingly important in later life, particularly if your GP has suggested you go on a low salt, low fat or gluten free diet. Yet generally speaking, we don’t think older residents should have to worry too much, it needn’t be complicated or time-consuming."