A TEENAGE terror who shouted abuse at passers-by through a megaphone and pelted an old woman with snowballs has been hit with an ASBO banning him from parts of Evesham.

Police say Shane Reeve, aged 17, of Bredon Hill View in Evesham, is part of a gang that has "terrorised" Evesham in recent years.

His two-year anti-social behaviour order preventing him from entering theTesco supermarket and car park in Worcester Road, the Riverside Shopping Centre, and the McDonalds restaurant and car park in Charity Crescent.

Granting the ASBO, magistrates at Worcester were told Reeve had been monitored by West Mercia Police's anti-social behaviour unit for four years.

During that time he was recorded as being involved in a catalogue of more than 50 incidents, usually as part of a group of other youths.

These included being abusive and threatening to staff and customers at the shopping centre, Tesco and McDonalds, shouting rude and abusive words through a megaphone at passers by in Bridge Street, and pelting an elderly woman with snowballs when she opened the door to him.

He was also reported by members of the public for riding his motorcycle in an anti-social and dangerous manner, including doing wheelies. On one occasion his group was described as riding “like maniacs” and another informant was concerned they would kill themselves or someone else.

Under the conditions of his order, Reeve is also banned from being verbally abusive, offensive or swearing at the public, acting in a threatening or aggressive manner, throwing objects in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, and from being in any public place with three named individuals.

Insp Janet Heritage of West Mercia Police said: “Reeve is one of a large group of youths who have been causing problems with their anti-social behaviour in Evesham for some time.

"The group has often been described as terrorising the neighbourhood, and clearly this is something which will not be tolerated by police.

“We are also looking at applying for ASBOs against other members of the group, particularly as we have the half term break coming up, and spring not too far away, both of which can mean an increase in anti-social behaviour.”

If Reeve breaks the order, he could face a jail sentence of up to five years.