STUDENTS were roped into a skipping challenge at Evesham High School to celebrate a gift from a Vale business.

Youngsters spent their PE classes on National Skipping Day jumping ropes supplied to the school by Evesham based Fitness-Mad.

The business, which is part of The-Mad-Group, decided to donate 50 ropes to the school and set a series of skipping challenges for the pupils.

Peter Cowdrey, sales account manager at Fitness-Mad, said: "Skipping is a fantastic way to keep fit and people often forget about it as they get older. It's been brilliant seeing everyone getting involved today and having fun whilst exercising."

Evesham High School held two sessions at 10.30am until 11.15am and from 11.45am to 12.30pm and the children competed against each other in the fight to be the last man standing.

There were even points on offer for tricks and skipping with style.

Craig Stephens, head of PE at Evesham High School, said: "The kids had a great time in their lessons today to celebrate National Skipping Day and I’m really grateful to Fitness-Mad for donating the new ropes.

"They will be very well used. Now we have these 50 ropes we can get all the students skipping at the same time.

"It's a really easy and versatile way to keep fit and hopefully today has shown everyone involved how beneficial skipping can be to their lives."

The classes certainly went down well with pupils, Annabel Ellis said: "I’ve loved skipping today. It['s much better than going to the gym and I’ll definitely be keeping it up."

Skipping ropes and all other fitness accessories are available at