THE sounds of Africa filled a Vale school hall when it was visited by Destiny Africa, a choir hailing from Uganda.

Everyone at Swan Lane First School in Evesham was delighted to welcome the choir, who performed a variety of drumming and singing sections to children at the school and later to the parents, as they toured the area.

During the visit Destiny Africa, a choir set up by the Kampala Children’s centre in Uganda, shared a bit about themselves and where they come from.

The centre opened in 2005 to support children left orphaned or displaced from the rebel war and those living in poverty stricken slums.

Its vision to give a loving home, education and a happy childhood to the orphans of Uganda.

Swan Lane First School contributes to this by sponsoring a young man called Norbert.

Joel Turvey, Year 5 teacher, said: "It was a fantastic opportunity for the children of Swan Lane to experience another culture and also to see for themselves, the value of the money that is raised through various fundraising activities in school. One of the pupils said, 'You could see the choir had practised a lot and they played really well. It was fun when the children got up to dance with members of the choir during assembly'."