A DRAMATIC police chase through the streets of Evesham ended when a suspect was cornered in a town park after he made his getaway on a push bike.

The 25-year-old suspect was arrested in Abbey Park on suspicion of multiple thefts from shops at around 3.15pm today (Thursday) after he was spotted in the town's High Street - and officers gave chase.

The suspect made off an a mountain bike at speed but every police car in Evesham was scrambled to apprehend him and officers cut off all 10 entrances/exists to the park so he had nowhere to hide.

Sgt Philip Stayte said: "He is a suspected prolific shoplifter. The retailers in Evesham have already had a hard time because of the closure of the bridge. We believe he has been stealing on a daily basis and making off from officers on a cycle. He was arrested on suspicion of multiple thefts. Every police car in Evesham was deployed and every officer was either on foot or in a car, giving chase. We cut off his escape route."

The suspect has now been taken to Worcester Police Station where he is now in custody.

Sgt Stayte said: "It was tactical thinking. It is about good local knowledge, knowing where the entrances and exists (to the park) are. It was good old-fashioned, get on your feet and chase him, cops and robbers stuff. He was riding quite fast."

The chase lasted between 10 and 15 minutes. Investigations by police into the thefts remain ongoing, including a search of the suspect's home.