RAT-RUN drivers continue to ignore no entry signs to dodge jams and jump queues despite fines as more roadworks cause gridlock misery in Worcester.

Work at the A38 Upper Tything from the junction of Britannia Road to the junction with Back Walk began on Monday which police believe has tempted some drivers to risk an illegal shortcut.

The work, by Severn Trent Water, is scheduled to end on April 28 and according to the Worcestershire County Council website is 'high impact' with 'delays likely' as workmen repair a collapsed sewer in Upper Tything Road. Traffic will be controlled using temporary traffic lights.

But a police officer today warned drivers not to use a 'dangerous' and illegal shortcut along Britannia Square and through Hebb Street onto the A38 as penalties for going through the no entry signs were being rigorously enforced.

PC Alex Denny said motorists continue to flout the rules despite 100 tickets being handed out in a fortnight in Worcester (up until April 1) at the junction of Britannia Square and Hebb Street, Worcester.

As previously reported in your Worcester News drivers who are caught will get a £90 fine and three penalty points. If a driver already has nine points on his or her licence at the time of this infringement they risk becoming a 'totter' (12 points or more) which could make them subject to a driving ban.

PC Denny said: "Already we are experiencing increased traffic violations. People are still taking no notice of the signs. Within 15 minutes we caught six people yesterday going through those no entry signs. The message is 'don't do it or you're going to get caught'. It is really not worth the risk for the sake of an extra five minutes." Officers are now talking to the county council highways to apply for signage to warn drivers of the penalties. In particular officers are concerned about the risk of a head-on collision between drivers travelling legitimately from Hebb Street into Britannia Square with drivers cutting through illegally in the opposite direction. Britannia Square also has a designated cycle lane which is of particular concern as the corner is blind, even for drivers and cyclists going the correct way.