A 'SECRET' warehouse will be the mysterious location for an underground, unforgettable and unique party.

Professional music brand Pro-ject are bringing an exclusive and intimate rave to an as yet unknown venue in the heart of the Faithful City on Saturday, April 26 that has never been used before and ticket numbers are limited to 450.

Ticket holders will be able to see massive headline DJs Cause & Affect UK, who are linked to DirtyBird Records and Rinse FM, and they will be told where to go for the party on Saturday, April 19.

There will also be other DJs from London including Area8, Funkin-L and Jay Cee, GLAS Birmingham resident Jay Newman and Worcester talent Priceless on the line-up.

A spokesman for Pro-ject said: "I feel it's about time Worcester clubbing was put on the map. Yes, we have some bars and a few nightclubs mostly playing commercial mainstream music, however, Pro-ject is offering something completely new, completely different and bringing it right to your doorstep in Worcester."

Revellers will enter the venue's gates to be greeted by a 40ft black tunnel of mystery and the light at the end of the tunnel will be a 30ft stage hosting the DJs in front of LED visuals with underground house being played through a thunderous sound system.

Set in a warehouse, the night will be reminiscent of the legendary Ibiza club DC10 with CO2 cannons coiled and ready to fire.

Raw brick walls, exposed steel rafters and a seamless concrete floor create a setting like nowhere else.

For more information and tickets, go to projecteventsuk.com