A GROUP of young people from Evesham's Ourside Youth Club have received the Tryangle Award for volunteering in the local community.

The awards celebrate the achievements of young people across the county and this was a unique award as it spotlights the successes of young people who have often achieved against the odds.

The club won the award for the Ourside Junior Jam Group, which was set up after a number of young people at the youth club had experienced the loss of a grandparent.

Some of the young people found the passing of their grandparent's very difficult and these feelings spurred them on to want to do something for the elderly members of the community.

They came up with the idea of organising an afternoon tea party where they would provide, amongst other things, homemade jam, and set about making the jam and holding the tea party at a local residential home.

The party went very well and went a long way to breaking down some of the prejudices the young and old have about each other. The jam that was left over was sold at the youth club raising over £150.

The young people said they were proud to receive the Tryangle Award especially as it was for something they felt was really important to them.

Phil Street, the Manager of Worcestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services, said: "The Tryangle Awards are about recognising the achievements of the unsung heroes. The young people that show determination to serve their friends, family and community. These are young people that overcome social, health or other challenges to make their mark."