A MOTHER and her two young children were left frightened and upset after falling victim to a road rage attack.

The 39-year-old, who the Journal is not naming, said she was left “shaken up” after a young man tried to get her out of the car while she was driving with her two sons, aged six and seven, on a main road just outside Pershore.

She is now warning other drivers to be on their guard against similar incidents.

The incident occurred on the Upton Road, between Strensham and Defford, at lunchtime on Sunday, April 27.

The woman said: “I was driving from Strensham to Defford in the middle of the day when a young lad in a white VW golf overtook me and stopped his car in front of me twice.

“The first time, he got out of his car and, regardless of the fact that I had my two young boys in the car, proceeded to bang on my car bonnet and windscreen before trying to open my door. Thankfully I’d managed to lock the doors.”

She has since reported the incident to police who are investigating the incident and appealing for witnesses.

She added: “I think he had become annoyed at my slower driving and the fact that I had applied my brakes to get him to back off after speeding up behind me and driving dangerously close.

“I cannot stress how shaken up and upset I was and feel a moral duty to warn other drivers, particularly those who may be more vulnerable.”

PC Laura Douglas, of West Mercia Police, told the Journal: “Inquiries are still ongoing into this incident and the driver of the other vehicle will definitely be spoken to and dealt with over this matter.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting incident number 322S 27-04-14.