THE first Morgan 3 Wheeler has been delivered to the company's Chinese dealership.

The vehicle, a polished body Brooklands Edition, arrived in Beijing in mid April before being officially unveiled to Chinese press and media at a special event held at the Beijng dealership on Thursday, May 8.

It was originally created by HFS Morgan and was first introduced in 1909 before being re-imagined 102 years later in 2011 with updated technology and design features.

The new Morgan 3 Wheeler has now been delivered to more than 1,000 customers in European and American markets with the Chinese market being the latest to experience the unique car.

Jim James, managing director of Morgan Cars China, said: “The Morgan 3 Wheeler is an important part of the Morgan range of bespoke vehicles in China.

"It offers a unique combination of retro styling with modern performance, and of course customized to personal tastes.”

Morgan Cars China was founded in 2012 and continues to import and sell the range of bespoke Morgan sports cars in China, having opened the first showroom in Beijing in June 2013.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is the latest addition to the range and while imported as a vehicle, is not legal for road registration.