A BLAZE started deliberately at a Broadway church that destroyed its 12th century medieval door to ashes has caused around £50,000 worth of damage.

St Eadburgha's Church in Snowshill Road in the village, near Evesham, was one of five public places targeted by arson attacks overnight back in March.

Now nearly two months later work has been carried out at the 11th century church to clean it and repair damage in order to re-open its new doors by the end of this month.

Reverend Michelle Massey said the church would be re-dedicated by The Archdeacon the Venerable Roger Morris at 6pm on Sunday, May 25.

"We have managed to get the church clean," said Revd Massey. "Last week they looked at the masonry around the door and hopefully the lime washing of the wall will take place this week.

"Then we will be in. It's a very clean church now. They have done a great job and all the windows have been washed as well, where the soot was.

"It was between £20,000 and £30,000 just to clean. On top of that we will have the cost of the masonry and the lime washing. All together it's between £40,000 and £50,000."

Sadly the door was beyond repair.

"The door that has withstood Henry VIII and two World Wars has now gone," said Revd Massey. "It is only a door and the interior can be cleaned but to attack a church, a place of worship, has shaken many people.

"It is a wonderful piece of our history."

St Eadburgha's Church has also been at the centre of an appeal for funding assistance after Broadway's two places of worship, including St Michael's Church, had suffered a shortfall of £20,000 over the past year.

Since then there has been some improvement but more is needed.

"We have had some people increase their giving," said Revd Massey. "And a few more donations, so thank you to everyone that has helped. But if anyone wants to give a donation that would still be great.

"There is still a shortfall. We would like to be able to more in the future not cut back if there is not enough money."

Anyone that would like to help should contact the church on 01386 858672 or email kbkbeasley@googlemail.com.