PERSHORE Town Council agreed to set aside £3,000 to pay for legal documents allowing the new car park and extension of the cemetery to go ahead.

A planning application is currently being considered, which would see a field next to the burial site be gradually developed into a cemetery with a car park.

It would include space for interments and interment of ashes as well as a woodland area for green burials and for scattering of ashes.

The initial cost of creating the car park is thought to be £60,000 but a safety audit, transport statement and travel plan was not factored into the budget.

Now a further £3,000 has been allocated to allow this to be paid for.

At a meeting of the town council on Thursday mayor councillor Tony Rowley said: "We have got to go ahead with this. We have gone too far down the line with a planning application.

"We are a burial authority we have to be serious about this."