A HORNET which scared a man in his home was not the Asian variety which preys on UK honeybees, an expert has confirmed.

We reported on Saturday howJonathan Bruns, 36, was shocked to find the giant insect, bigger than a 2p coin, buzzing about his home in Acton Hall, just off the A449 north of Worcester.

He thought it may be the Asian hornet but contact with Defra has revealed that it is the European variety.

Concern has been raised about the potential impact of the Asian hornet on native species in the UK as they are highly predatory and attack and kill honey bees.

A Defra spokesman, who has seen the Worcester News photographs, said: "I can confirm that the hornet in the picture is a native European Hornet.

"There have been no confirmed sightings of Asian hornets in the UK – they are smaller than our own native hornets and are no more dangerous.

“We are aware of the potential impacts they could have on honey bees and have plans in place to eradicate them if they are identified.

“In Great Britain we would not expect Asian hornets to establish outside southern parts of England and Wales due to colder weather.”