A CANCER survivor had the clippers taken to her hair this week to raise money for others suffering with the disease.

Pensioner Vicki Thould decided to have the chop on Tuesday (May 20) 30 years after surviving cervical cancer to let others battling cancer know she was behind them.

The 71-year-old, who lives at Yates Court in Evesham, originally wanted to jump out of a plane, but was told her asthma would prevent this from taking place.

"I have been fundraising with Cancer Research UK since they started," said Miss Thould. "At the time I had cancer I had lost three members of my family to it, now it's five.

"I wasn't allowed to jump out a plane because of my asthma so I said right I will have my hair shaved off.

"I wasn't really nervous because I have seen what things other people have gone through. I thought 3,2,1 let's shave.

"I feel strange now. I I went to brush my hair and I think, oh you monkey there's nothing there."

Miss Thould will also be taking part in Evesham's Relay for Life at Evesham High School on Saturday, June 28 from noon as part of the team of survivors.

"I wanted to do this for those who are going through it, to be there for them," added Miss Thould. "So they know somebody is there for them."

To support the survivors visit eveshamrelay.org.uk.