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Worcestershire elections 2014: Live

Last updated:

    Worcester City Council left as a hung council after Tories gain Claines from the Lib Dems
  • Labour holds onto all its seats, including in Cathedral where Jabba Riaz won by 198 votes
  • UKIP finish second in 7 of the 11 seats it contested
  • The results give the Conservatives 17 seats, one more than Labour, with no party in overall control
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Shropshirelad 7:09pm Thu 22 May 14
No more Tory voting for me, particularly after Theresa May yesterday. I am for UKIP. Sorry Robin, you have both Cameron and May to blame for this one and the General still to come.
Score: 1
ringthembells 6:18pm Thu 22 May 14
Why is this "news" feed showing Walker's cheerleading (5:27 pm) for the Tories ? Probably John Philpott manning the desk.
Score: 1
High Time 7:13pm Thu 22 May 14
What about the Labour Party's Joy Squires and Richard Boorn.
Score: 0
Jaffacake68 1:22am Fri 23 May 14
Any updates from The Guildhall Tom or are you busy in the buffet?? ;)
Score: 1
Nortynorse 6:38pm Mon 26 May 14
Can't believe there are people in this city STUPID ENOUGH to vote for the f**king Greens. They have no mandate and are a lost vote to those who really want to make a difference. He lives in Tunnel Hill (a real green area NOT), and represents St Stephens along with that other idiot JONES, who complained about not having enough Dog Bins in a Cul de Sac. Just about sums up Worcester City Politics.
Score: 0

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