EVESHAM Pharmacy is raising awareness about the importance of weight when it comes to Type 2 diabetes next week as part of a nation wide initiative.

National diabetes week begins on Monday (June 8) and runs all week and as part of the event the pharmacy in Evesham High Street are urging anyone who thinks they might be overweight to pop in for advice and a simple screening test as part of its All About Health Programme.

Pharmacist Matthew Rapacz is urging locals to check their body mass index at allabouthealth.org.uk then visit Evesham Pharmacy to get their blood glucose levels checked if they are overweight or at risk for another reason.

Other risk factors include being over 40, having a relative with the condition or being of south Asian, black African or African Caribbean decent.

He said for those who were at risk there were a number ways in which Evesham Pharmacy could help them and made it clear there was help for those who had already developed the disease.

"Pharmacies are well placed to support people in their quest to lead a healthier life by offering advice on weight management, giving up smoking and keeping an eye on their blood pressure, all of which can reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and other serious conditions.

"We want people in Evesham to know that there are things they can do and that we’re here to help them."

To find out more visit Evesham Pharmacy, 36 The High Street, Evesham.