WORCESTESHIRE will get a touch of summer over the next couple of days with warm temperatures and some good spells of sunshine.

But it will be the calm before the storm in the county, with heavy, thundery downpours expected on Saturday which could last for most of the day.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain in the West Midlands and a warning of the potential for localised flooding, but said at this stage the location of the heaviest rainfall is uncertain.

Paul Michaelwaite, of netweather.tv in Pershore, said today (Thursday) there would be sunny spells and temperatures in the high teens.

"There won't be completely blue skies but there should be sun about," he said. "There will be some decent spells of sunshine with an outside risk of a shower but it will be light and hopefully won't even come near us.

"It will be about the same tomorrow (Friday). Cloud will thicken during the day. We might even get up to 20C or 21C."

But he warned things would go down hill on Saturday with heavy thundery rain and maybe even thunder storms.

"It will be quite a soggy one," he said. "We might miss the worst but it doesn't look too pleasant. There's a risk of flash flooding. There could be a sizeable amount of rain in a short amount of time."

The weather expert said the worst of the downpours would be over by Sunday.

"It will stay fairly warm into the weekend, but out in the rain it won't feel particularly pleasant," he added.

"Sunday there's a risk of a shower but there should be a good chance of sunny spells still and temperatures up to 20C or 21C again."