EVESHAM butcher Dave Purser has added yet another award to his collection after winning gold awards at the Robin Hood Championships.

Mr Purser, who owns the Master Butcher in Avon Street in Evesham, entered four

I thought i better write to you to let the journal how well David Purser From the master Butcher has just done at the Robin Hood Championship held at the Nottingham Showground on Sunday 11th May, I entered 4 different sausages in 3 different classes in all, all our sausages won Gold award.

This time our traditional Sausage won the category for the best sample traditional and we won the Sibley Trophy, In the Specialty Pork Sausage class we had entered our Tomato and Basil plus our Honey and Mustard we came 2nd in this class.

In the Lincolnshire class we again had the best sample Lincolnshire Sausage which we then won The David Smeeton Trophy .

To finish things off we then won the Nottingham Meat Traders Council Shield for the best sausage in the whole show which our Lincolnshire was voted the best by the judges,this gives me an entry in to the champion of Champions Competition to be held this year(If we win this competition i will then be National Sausage Champion 1 in 12 chance),

I am still numb and speechless but aleast they all know where Evesham is now,


Dave Purser