COLOURFUL floats will fill the streets of Evesham on Saturday, June 6, next year when the town's carnival returns for the first time in seven years.

Evesham Carnival last hit the streets in 2008 when the town came alive with the sights and sounds of Brazil.

Now the event will be brought back thanks to an idea by town resident Emma Haynes.

The mum of four, who remembers the carnival from when she was a youngster, is also behind the Photos and Memories of days past in Evesham Facebook group, which stirred many happy recollections of the event in the town.

"It's important for Evesham, I remember struggling to get through the legs to see the floats going past," said Miss Haynes. "We ought to get back to that. The carnival is a part of Evesham's history.

"If we could make it better or even the same as it used to be that would be brilliant."

Miss Haynes organised a meeting last week and around 30 people showed up to lend their support.

"We filled Hampton Ferry, so that was really good," she added. "We formed a committee, lots of people were willing to organise things as well so it was all really positive.

"It turns out the round table organised a carnival for this year but because of the bridge it didn't go ahead.

"They had planned it so we are going to work together with them to put in on next year."

Jon Fairchild, chairman of the Evesham Round Table, attended the meeting alongside former member Glen Lyon, who had created a plan for the carnival.

He said: "Glen had previously put together a plan. There is the skeleton there we will move it forward with the committee, which will meet once a month.

"The round table did run it so a a lot is dusting down the old plans, renewing them and making them suitable for 2015."

The theme of the carnival and the route have not yet been decided but it is thought the carnival procession may begin and end at the Crown Meadow, as it did traditionally.

A number of stalls and other activities are also likely to take place at the same time on the meadow.

Evesham town councillor Alan Booth was the mayor during the last carnival.

He said: "It did bring the town together and it was an absolutely joyous day. It was always sunny and the crowds were always nice. I went to the meeting and I really was pleased. I am sure it will be a good thing for the town."

Another former mayor, Cllr Jim Bulman, called for the carnival to be brought back in 2011, so he also welcomed the move.

"I think it's an excellent idea," he said. "It bring outs all the local people and goes across all spectrums of society. It also brings good opportunities for charities and organisations to raise money and their profile."