Selling fruit and veg was best decision I ever made

5:42pm Friday 13th June 2014

By Sarah Taylor

This special profile is part of the Evesham Journal's #GrowInEvesham campaign

A YEAR after he opened his doors the Evesham greengrocer says the decision to set up his own business in the town remains the best he ever made.

Rob Bowers first took on his shop, the Evesham Greengrocer, in Bridge Street, in May last year with his partner Karen Walden.

At the time he said it was the best decision he has ever made and he stands by that just over a year on.

"It's still the best thing I have ever done starting up on my own," he said. "Considering everything we have had to deal with, all the external issues, like the bridge and the closing down of a number of shops, it's been good.

"I am very happy and I am not going anywhere."

Mr Bowers believes that during the closure the town has been well supported by residents, the council and independent traders.

"I think we have been very well looked after," he said. "The local support has been great and we have lots of repeat customers. We have also had good support from the council.

"There is the free parking and 20p parking, it's nice these organisations have been helping. The YES scheme was great and the new loyalty card being set up by Real Evesham looks great."

Mr Bowers, who has always worked in the horticulture industry, first made the decision to open the store as there were no greengrocers left in Evesham.

And since opening the Evesham Greengrocer he has continued to sell fruit and veg, alongside local meat, bread, cakes and cheeses.

"We are like a miniature farm shop," added Mr Bowers, who lives in Twinning, near Tewkesbury. "People always comment on that but how cheap it is."

The Evesham Greengrocer is now looking forward to the future and the continued support of the local people.

For more information visit the store in Bridge Street, Evesham.


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