ON Sunday hundreds of fundraisers will take to the paths around Evesham to run the popular annual 10k event.

These will include Badsey villager Pete Dunderdale, a 34-year-old father of five, who is taking part for the first time.

And the event is the result of his own race.

"In 2011 I decided to climb Ben Nevis to help raise money for The Birmingham Children's Hospital, as my son Keith is currently looked after by the Paediatric Cardiologists there as he was born with an aortic stenosis," he said.

"I struggled massively with descent of the mountain due to the osteoarthritis in my knees and this was a huge wake up call and the kick start I needed in my weight loss journey. I’m 34 years old and was weighing in at 24st 2lbs.

"In December 2013 after tests at Worcester Hospital I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. My father died of an undiagnosed heart condition aged just 47 on my 17th birthday, so with three generations of us with heart problems this was now an extra push to keep going.

"To date I have lost 8 stone, currently weighing 16st 1lb."

Mr Dunderdale's next event is the Evesham Vale 10k, which he says he is looking forward to while being "a little apprehensive".

He added: "I plan to join the Evesham Vale running club this year and join them on as many Monday night runs from Flacons in Evesham."