HUNDREDS of runners and a few familiar faces pulled on their trainers on Sunday and took to the paths of Evesham to run the town's 10k race.

The annual event saw 563 people cross the finish line as they raised money for charities, including the race's main beneficiary, the Bell Tower Appeal.

And people lined the race route, which passes the well known tower, to cheer on everyone taking part.

One of the racers, number 007, was Mayor of Evesham councillor Charlie Homer, alongside consort Maren Fischer.

Speaking at Evesham Town Council on Monday Cllr Homer said he was feeling the effects of the race.

"I am officially fit to run the town," said Cllr Homer, who completed the race in 67 minutes.

The race was also praised by Cllr Alan Booth, who said the event was started with the help of the town council but was now self funding.

He added: "Thank you very much to Charlie for running it and raising the profile."

This year's race director Robert Hale said while they had hoped to see a few more people running on the day he was still pleased with its success.

"We would've like to see a few more, we had about 100 more signed up to take part.

"I was very pleased though. I was also pleased with the goody bags we put together with the Evesham Bell Tower and 10k tumbler and gym sack.

"It was the right goody bag and there are still Bell Tower only tumblers left to buy. We paid for them for the appeal, that way they can make more money."

The raise will also have raised cash for the appeal to repair and conserve the tower, but the total amount is yet to be revealed.

But Mr Hale said it would be a good amount.

"I am glad we supported the Bell Tower. It's an iconic building in the town, like the Eiffel Tower of Paris to Evesham."