THE urban extension of Pershore is set to continue after more than 100 new homes planned for the town got the green light from planners.

Two new estates to the north of the town will be built following the thumbs up to the proposals, which were submitted by Welbeck Strategic Land and Crown House Developments.

Wychavon District Council's planning committee considered both applications at a meeting on Thursday (July 17), unanimously approving both.

One of the estates, with 64 homes, will be built on the land between Wyre Road and Station Road.

Speaking in support of the plans was Ian Miles, on behalf of Crown House Developments, who said it would include a land mark apartment block, shown on initial plans to be at the junction between the main roads.

Councillors responded saying they were in favour of the plans but would not like to see the apartment block built, especially on the spot is was currently sited, when the next stage was brought to the planning committee.

Cllr Charles Tucker said: "This application is on of the ones which is within the South Worcestershire Development Plan proposals and therefore I think it's supported in principal.

"I still feel there's a lack of infrastructure on surface drainage and the water course.

"My principal concern over this development is the landmark building. I think everybody would recognise that the whole of this area is an open area and putting a high rise on that site would be quite inappropriate."

Cllr David Brotheridge proposed approval of the outline application, adding: "This land mark building, it has no place in this location. It's far too dominant, it's over powering and it's a bit of a blot on the landscape.

"It may be suitable in Solihull, but not in Pershore. Everybody is opposed to it, it's got universal objection."

He added it was important to ensure traffic infrastructure was built in time for the new homes and not afterwards as that would result in traffic problems in Pershore.

And Cllr Val Wood agreed with her colleagues referring to the apartment block as "faulty towers".

The second estate for 50 homes was nodded through with no objections.