A NEW “landmark” building proposed for Pershore has been dubbed “Fawlty Towers” by concerned councillors.

While members of Wychavon’s planning committee gave their backing to the principal of a new 64-home development on land to the north of Pershore, they say a “landmark” apartment block proposed as part of the estate must not be allowed to go ahead.

Crown House Developments wants to build the apartment block at the junction between Wyre Road and Station Road.

But councillors say the “high-rise” structure is wholly inappropriate for an open area and would be a “blot on the landscape.”

Councillor Val Wood dubbed the proposed apartment block “Fawlty Towers,” referencing the fading Torquay hotel from the classic comedy show.

Councillor David Brotheridge said: “This landmark building, it has no place in this location. It’s far too dominant, it’s overpowering and it’s a bit of a blot on the landscape.

“It may be suitable in Solihull, but not in Pershore. Everybody is opposed to it, it’s got universal objection.”

Speaking in support of the plans, Ian Miles, on behalf of Crown House Developments, said the apartments would be a “landmark building.”

The site in question is included in the emerging South Worcestershire Development Plan – a planning blueprint for where development should take place between now and 2030.

Despite their concerns, planning committee members unanimously approved the outline plans.

But they hope to see the apartment block moved elsewhere or removed entirely when detailed plans come back to the committee.

Councillor Charles Tucker said: “This application is one of the areas which is within the South Worcestershire Development Plan proposals and therefore I think it’s supported in principal.

“My principal concern over this development is the landmark building. I think everybody would recognise that the whole of this area is an open area and putting a high rise on that site would be quite inappropriate.”

At the same meeting more plans for new housing to the north of Pershore were approved.Welbeck Strategic Land’s plans to build 50 new homes on land at Station Road were approved without objection.