EVESHAM will take a moment to remember those who fought in the trenches of the First World War on Monday.

On the evening of August 4 people will gather in the Abbey Gardens in Evesham for a candlelit vigil in memory of Britain’s entry into conflict 100 years ago.

The fate of the ‘Tommies’ who left Britain in high hopes and full of patriotic pride still has a poignant resonance today and national events have been planned throughout the year to recognise their bravery and sacrifice.

This vigil will take place across the country with Evesham's lasting an hour in the park.

David Field, general manager of The Evesham Hotel, said: "It is hard to believe that it is 100 years since the war began. The photographs and poetry still seem so real and have such a power to move and the vigil is a way to pay our respects to those who gave so much."

Before the event The Evesham Hotel will host a World War One evening with a menu from the times.

The evening will begin at 7pm with sherry and end at 9.30pm when guests will walk to Abbey Gardens.

Paul Napper, chef, said: "I wanted to find authentic food from the period. There are many recipes still in use today, such as apple charlotte, and put together they give a real flavour of the times."

The menu will feature dishes which would have been widely eaten and will cost £19.14 for three courses.