UNDER stormy conditions mirroring that of the Battle of Evesham in 1265 a crowd commemorated the 749th anniversary of the biggest conflict in the town's history.

During the Simon de Montfort Society's Battle of Evesham annual commemoration weekend wreaths were laid, poems were read and a return to the site of the battle was made.

On Saturday at 10.30am a wreath-laying and commemoration ceremony at the permanent memorial in Abbey Park, Evesham, took place and was followed by a walk up Greenhill into and through the Battlewell Field following the Trail established by the society in 2007.

And on Sunday there was a short service of Commemoration on the Battlewell Field.

Iris Pinkstone, chairman of the Simon de Montfort Society, said: "The weather was true to when De Montfort fought the battle, that day there had been a thunder storm and lots of rain.

"Richard Webb the Deputy Lieutenant for Worcestershire laid the wreath. This is what we do every year and the service on the battle field, at least the sun shone for that.

"We also had a sixth former from Prince Henry's High School, Will Brookman, he read a prayer and the service was taken by Reverend Andrew Spurr.

"I think its important to mark the event every year. It's the first time in Evesham history that we touched national history. The very raw beginnings of democracy were born here."

Next year the town will mark the 750th anniversary of the historic battle between Simon de Montfort and Prince Edward with a festival taking place on August 8 and 9.