A COUPLE who were left waiting almost seven months for a phone line at their new home have finally been connected – after the Journal stepped in to highlight their situation.

As we reported, Susan and James Love first moved to Aldington, near Badsey, in January to be closer to their daughter in Bidford after she was hospitalised with Crohn’s disease.

But their problems getting a phone, coupled with a lack of mobile phone signal, left them feeling as though they were further away from her than ever. In desperation, they turned to the Journal and Mid-Worcestershire MP Sir Peter Luff for assistance.

And finally, less than two weeks after their story appeared on the front of the paper, their phone line is up and running.

Mrs Love said: “It’s just amazing to have a phone, it really is. Thank you to the Journal for the article. We really appreciate it. It’s so wonderful to be back in the 21st century. It’s a huge relief knowing our daughter can contact us.”

The connection was installed on Monday, July 28, and it was just a few days later when the couple’s daughter needed their help.

“She’s had to contact us once since the phone was in,” added Mrs Love. “She had an allergic reaction and got in touch. So it’s already showing itself to be of value. It is the security of it for her and for us.”

When they first moved in, they booked an appointment through their phone provider Zen Internet for BT Openreach, the only organisation that can lay the cables, to connect their phone. But no-one turned up and that was when their agonising wait began.

After being contacted by the Journal, the two companies pledged to sort the situation as quickly as possible.

Zen Internet said the order was originally affected by BT engineer resourcing issues caused by bad weather, then hampered by routing and planning issues. Openreach said it was a “complex” case but apologised for the delays.

Mr and Mrs Love are now hoping to receive some compensation for the length of time it took to have their phone line installed.