A PACKAGE of new measures to appease disgruntled householders living by Worcester's Ketch roundabout have been revealed by council chiefs.

Under an £8 million revamp of the A4440 route, which includes doubling the size of the island, Worcestershire County Council has agreed a plan after people living near it complained it would bring traffic closer to homes.

It includes:

- A new eight-foot tall specially designed timber "acoustic fence" aimed at protecting homes in and around Begonia Close from noise

- £14,000 towards brand new landscaping around the popular Power Park so it can look more attractive

- Two oak trees, two walnut trees and a silver birch tree near the large grassed bund running opposite Begonia Close, acting as an additional screen before the A4440 kicks in

- Two overlapping bunds with horizontal plant growth, designed to flower all year round, so car headlights from Broomhall Way do not shine into properties

Your Worcester News first revealed how the fencing idea was on the cards back in January, but it has now been confirmed with the parish council and Worcester City Council.

The Ketch island is currently being dug up in a year-long project, due to finish in April 2015, which will see it double in size.

But the work involves slicing into the grassed bank next to Begonia Close to concrete it over, which will lead to the most of the Southern Link Road being dualled by 2019.

That, in turn, will bring traffic 25 yards closer to homes, which has led to lengthy negotiations.

Councillor Roger Knight, who represents the area on the city council, said: "It was never going to be great but I think the county has done the best of a bad job - bringing traffic 25 yards closer to the homes was never going to be popular but they've done their best to mitigate the impact.

"I'm pleased it will help protect residents from some of the extra noise, pollution and disturbance."

Resident Paul Scott, 41, who lives in nearby Orchid Close, said: "It sounds better than what was being talked about last year.

"Some more funding for the park would be nice."

The county council says the fencing will be timber and is a special custom-made acoustic one designed to soak up noise, as opposed to standard fencing which does not.

It is expected to be erected within weeks in time for more work on the Ketch over the autumn.