MORE than 100 people attended the most popular apple-pressing event of the year.

Transition Worcester and The Vale Landscape Heritage Trust helped visitors to turn apples into 119 litres of juice at The Valley, in Evesham.

The large number of children involved made it Transition Worcester's top attended event of the year.

The community apple day was held on Thursday, October 27, and was one of the 19 pressing days organised by the group in 2016.

Maria Hughes, centre manager at The Valley, formerly Evesham Country Park, said the day was a success.

"What a great sight seeing so many families out enjoying the fresh air and creating such amazing tasting and healthy juices," she said.

"We would like to extend our thanks to Transition Worcester and The Vale Landscape Heritage Trust for their efforts in making the day a success."

Tony Kennell, chairman of Transition Worcester, said: “It was the most popular event we’ve had this year.

“The numbers of families with small children was great. Well over 100 people attended.”

Transition Worcester is an environmental group dedicated to reducing the amount of waste we create.

During their open days they use a scratter to mince the apples and a press to extract the liquid.