WE were so lucky to avoid the snow that some parts of the country have been struggling with, for now at least (I shouldn't tempt fate I suppose), and our hardy members were in good spirits when they turned out for the first meeting of 2017.

Ann Evans, our President, welcomed everyone and began by mentioning forthcoming outings and events in the Gold Book. These included an invitation from Fladbury WI for some of our members to join them for their annual Daffodil Evening in March, the bi-monthly lunch at the end of January, which will be at the Evesham Hotel, and our visit to Broadway Golf Club next month.

Several members were unwell and had been in hospital, so we were updated on their progress, and birthday posies were given out.

We then came to the Resolutions, one of which would be selected and passed to our Federation to be discussed further, prior to a final vote being taken at the Annual Meeting in June 2017. After discussion and consideration, votes were taken by a show of hands and the Resolution selected was FGM: More Awareness for More Action.

Unfortunately our speaker had been unable to come, owing to ill health. Hopefully we shall see her later in the year. However, Liz Rodway had put together a Famous People Picture Quiz, plus questions about events which took place during 2016. It was good fun, but also frustrating when we just couldn't put a name to a face, or remember who won the Eurovision song contest last May. Congratulations to the winner, Rosemarie Reeves.

The competition for an item with 'Z' in its name was won by Sheila Harris. As always there were some imaginative entries.

Next month we will have a talk on 'Chocolate' from Yvonne Everest. Visitors are made very welcome and if you would like some more information, Joyce Davey will be pleased to help. Her number is Evesham 443755.