THIS is the first time I have written to a local newspaper but I felt so strongly about my recent experiences with Pershore High Street that I had to put pen to paper.

First, may I say I am an avid believer in using local suppliers and realise if you don’t use you lose and try to promote this to others whenever possible.

But I have been let down three times in the last month by three different High Street shops.

On each occasion I ordered goods, left my telephone number, name etc and was told to call back on a certain day to collect. I returned on the said days only to be told that sorry they didn’t have what I had ordered due to the following: 1. Trouble with supplier 2. Sorry, it will be another week. 3. Try again in a few days’ time and we will see if we have it then.

Now I realise that orders do not always go according to plan, but why did I not receive a call to let me know my goods would not be there and save me time, money and petrol?

Why did the shopkeepers not seem to care one way or another when, or if, I received my goods? And why do I get the impression that what customers they do have are taken for granted and that they are doing you a favour by being there?

I would like to end on a positive note to say there are a few good shops that stand out for their customer service and so consequently are always busy. Maybe some of the others could look at these and ask themselves why this is. Just a few opinions from a frustrated shopper who really wants the High Street to survive.