IT seems that, unlike Pershore and other towns, Evesham is not to be afforded the luxury of flood defences.

Surely there is a way to reduce the effects of flooding by dredging the river?

This work was due to be carried out early in 2012, but has never happened, despite the money having been made available.

When I telephoned the Avon Navigation Trust I was told this work would be complete by the end of June 2012.

The river is full of leaves, bottles, cans and other rubbish from many years which, if removed, could alleviate the flooding to some extent and save money on cleaning the park and other flooded areas.

Evesham has been given a £10,000 grant – where is this going? Down the river like the rest of us.

Why has the river not been dredged as promised?

What has happened to the money allocated for this work?

It sems that other towns and villages are being protected by flood defences while Evesham is being left to sink into the mire.

Come on people, councils and MPs – fight for our town before we disappear off the map.