The third Evesham Town councillor has resigned in little over a month.

Little Hampton councillor Ged Bearcroft has resigned, his colleagues were informed yesterday.

It is not yet clear why Mr Bearcroft has stepped down from the position however it appears that members of the public were informed of his decision before fellow councillors.

Town clerk Francesca Pridding received his resignation email last week and has not denied claims that she told a member of the public before councillors were informed on Wednesday, January 26.

She said: “I received an email from Ged Bearcroft which was forwarded to the Mayor.

“It is not my responsibility to inform the Council, the Mayor is the correct person to receive and communicate resignations but equally, it is not confidential information.”

Mr Bearcroft’s resignation comes following the resignation of fellow councillor Emma Haynes earlier this month.

Ms Haynes is believed to have quit the council due to the decision to debate the upcoming performance of Jim Davidson.

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Last month, Emma Nishigaki resigned from the council over allegations of bullying.

Weeks after leaving the Conservative Party to become an Independent, Ms Nishigaki left the council altogether.

In an email addressed to Mayor Sue Amor on December 15, she wrote “I have been constantly , bullied, harassed, marginalised and excluded from council matters.”

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