Dog walkers in Badsey have been warned they could be banned from parks following a rise in dog fouling.

The parish council of Badsey and Aldington has taken to social media to urge pet owners to clean up after their animals.

A statement released on Facebook read: “Reports have again been received that each time the football pitch is used, that they have to clean up dog poo before they can play.

“Everyone who uses Badsey Rec with their dog needs to ensure that they clean up after their dog.

“There are bins provided which are regularly emptied so there is no excuse.

“It would be a shame if we had to consider restricting dogs because of a few thoughtless users.”

This latest appeal comes just days after dogwalkers in Pershore were urged to clean up their pet’s mess.

A spokesman of Pershore Town Football Club said that the end of lockdown restrictions and the time of year both played into the apparent spike in dog fouling.

Councillor Richard Grantham said that coaches for his son’s team had to pick up 42 bags of dog poo before the children were allowed to play.

Fellow councillor Val Wood has warned that dog fouling can be dangerous for both pets and people alike.

She said: “Dog faeces can transmit disease between dogs and humans as well as between dogs.

“The Town Council would urge everyone using the local recreation grounds and all areas of open space, which we are very lucky to have, to please pick up after their dogs and enable the areas to be safe for children to play and for everyone to use.”

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